Technology Services

We guarantee a payment gateway that is fast, secure,
reliable and tailored to fit your business needs.

We provide an integrated suite of secure, robust and high availability eCommerce payment solutions. Our technology is built on a foundation of the latest software development techniques and industry standards. Our user interfaces have been designed to be both intuitive and simple to use and our gateway solutions have been developed to be effortless to integrate.

Direct API Server to Server

alldebit's API Gateway solution will integrate into your current website, allowing payments to be processed without customers being redirected to another site for payments. Merchants have a variety of options for integration as we able to integrate to virtually into all shopping cart solution including your own proprietary shopping cart. alldebit's API Gateway solution is ideal for large merchants processing high volumes and wishing that customers stay and make payment on their own secure server as well.

Virtual Terminal Mail Order Telephone Order (MOTO)

Our Virtual Terminal (MOTO page) replicates all functions of a physical credit card POS terminal with added features. It is accessible securely on the internet from any web browser. It is ideal for MOTO merchants who manage one time payments placed by fax, mail or over phone. Merchant can store both customer and transaction amount information through the Virtual Terminal feature of our PCI Compliant Gateway and these data are accessible for record.

Hosted Payment Page

alldebit Hosted Payment Page helps merchants avoid the high costs and hassle associated with becoming PCI compliant. The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council requires merchants processing significant number of transactions a year to evaluate the integrity of their payment systems on a quarterly basis. This result in significant time and expenses spent on PCI audits. Our Hosted Payment Page helps merchants reduce these expenses while offloading PCI compliance requirements to us. Indeed using our Hosted Payment Page, merchants no longer handle or store sensitive card data. Our Gateway is fully PCI DSS compliant which guarantees that your transactions are being processed in a secure environment.

Recurring Recurring Payments

Merchants can use alldebit automated recurring billing solutions to easily schedule automated payments from card holders. Our recurring service is available both through our backend (virtual terminal) and can also be accessed via API. Furthermore we may integrate with different recurring billing technology platforms.